2011 Milage Goal 1000 2011 Strength Goal 300 sessions

2011 goal 1000 Miles..

Jan: 63
Feb: 31
March: 79 :)
April...92 woo-hoo
May 75
June: 102!! sweet (+half 1/2 marathon)
July 84
August 114!!!! thanks to my new UT running buddy!!
Sept: 92
Oct: 70 (not my best month)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Check in......

So I really need a new post. Its true I have been slacking on my blogging, BUT I have worked my butt of this month.
Here is the update:

I did Jillian 97% for the month, only missing a few sessions here and there on days when I had already done an intense run, or typically on Thursday because I basically work 8am-7pm on that day. But overall, I rocked the Shred. Day one I did level 1, then upped it to level 2 on day 2, and then by the third day I was doing level 3-which I continued to do the entire month. It was a great work out, my abs and core feel so much stronger.
As for my circuit training, that goal fell a little by the wayside. The main reason this happened is that Jillian incorporates many of my circuit moves into her video, (ie pikes, mt. climbers, push-ups, ect) So I felt that I was getting enough circuit/strength trainin
g from that alone. I would like to pump this up in Dec. and do it at least once a week.
Running :
My running was on target during the month too, I did 55-65 miles averaging around 12-16 a week. This is rather low milage for me, but I felt like the miles were more about quality than quantity. I did more speed-work, and ran nearly every day, rather than having a long Saturday run, I did more interval and tempo training during the week.
This month I cut out most filler carbs, sugar, and dairy. I know that this is the answer for everyone, but for me and my body it really helped. I ate A LOT of veges, with small portions of lean meat, plenty of fruit, and drank a ton of water. I feel great.
New diagnosis:
The biggest news this month came from my Natureopath Tyna, who I love.
I had been having some issues that I couldn't quite explain and a friend recommended her, she is a chiropractor and a Dr. We ran all of my lab work, and guess what? I was extremely low on iron, vitamin D, and my thyroid was well below optimal level. Yes. I have border line hypothyroidism, which can contribute to nagging weight, low energy, and a bunch of other less than desirable symptoms. I am ecstatic with this information.

Basically it confirms whatI have known all along, I have a super crappy metabolism and have to work ten times harder than the average person to stay in decent shape. But with all that being said I am so grateful to be taking supplements and perscription thyroid,
I honestly have never felt better!
Here are the new stats'

Day 1:
Chest 32 (-1 inch)
Waist 26 (-1 inch)
Hips 37 (-1 inch)
Thigh 20.5 (-.5 inch)
Arms 10 (-1 inch)
And i have lost 5 pounds. :) Only 10 more to reach my fighting weight.

This is Lee and I on Dec. 4th at the WSCC Gala.
We had such an amazing time, it was truly a night to remember!

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Shred

I am doing it. The Shred with Jillian. I have never been a huge fan of workout videos, but I am super excited about this one. I am still running about 15-20 miles a week, but with no soon to run races on the calender, and the Portland Rainy season setteling upon me- I wanted to switch it up a bit.
And also Christmas is 7 weeks away and I really want to get rid of my last bit of baby weight, yes the same ten pounds I have been trying to loose for a year and a half. I gained 50 pounds with my son, lost 40 in 3 months and have yo-yo-ed the other 10 for over a year. Lost it all before our big Lake Powell summer trip and then returned to the repeat. Here is my cycle. Crash diet for a big event, get within one pound of my goal. Celebrate. Attend event. Come home binge out like its my birthday for a week +. Which equals a gain 0f 5+ pounds. You get the picture. But thanks to a new attitude, my spark account to keep my eating in check, (I love that site! Check it out!) my tried and true running, and Jillian who we all love to hate. I will reach my goals by Christmas.
I have been super motivated by another blogger/runner named Syl who did the 30 day shred challenge with Jillian twice, and have decided to do the same Video. Also just to see
I did my measurements today, and I will post final measurements at 30 days.

Day 1:
Chest 33
Waist 27
Hips 38
Thigh 21
Arms 11
Ick. And Ick.
Wow I have a big butt, is all I can say. I don't remember the last time I did measurements. But there is it. EEK. Well I am doing this post as a away to keep accountable. Here are my commitments for the remainder of November.
Do Jillian every day no matter what.
Circuit training 3 times a week.
Running at least 3 times a week 15-20 miles.
Track all food at Spark.com. (No late night eating, this one will be tough , but in a perfect world I would love to stop eating at 6:00.)
Also, cut out the filler carbs, and eat more fruit as a replacement for sugar and dairy. I did my first Shred tonight, Level 1. It wasn't that bad, I will be moving to level 2 tomorrow to see what Miss. Jillian has to throw at me. :)
On a happier note. I love this time of year. Love, love love it. My favorite girl Cherlyn came to Portland in October, I miss her already. Here we are making the most of the rainy day, with my boy- the apple of my eye, "Jack."

Friday, October 15, 2010

10.10.10 Portland Marathon Race Re-cap 2010

Today is Friday. I ran the Portland Marathon 19 days ago, and it his taken every minute in those 19 days to get to where I can think of the race with some sort of positive glow. Yes it was bad, yes it was that bad. Now to back up a little bit before I shed some negative light on my marathon experience I want to start out by stating a few mere facts about my relationship with running,.
  1. I love running a lot. In fact it is probably in my top 5 loves 4 sure.
  2. I cannot get through a week with out at least 2-3 runs good runs.
  3. I believe that running is healthy, productive, amazing, and creates driven individuals who are health conscience, alert, inspired, and overall happy .
  4. I believe that running is a lot better for my knees than sitting on the couch
  5. I detest gyms, and yearn to be outside with nature and free when I am exercising
  6. I plan on running in races at age 70, just to prove a point.
With all of that said, lets get to the real purpose of this post. The race report.
Prerace: I was able to meet the night before with some fellow (running) blogger's for a yummy dinner at the Macaroni Grill. It was super fun to meet some great ladies, and I'm grateful Harmony extended the invitation to join in. I was careful not to over due the carbs, and cause an upset stomach on race day, and ate just the right amount of my favorite "fettuccine Alfredo." YUM
Here is a photo of our little group:

The weather said "RAIN, RAIN AND MORE RAIN" predicted for the entire 26.2 miles. I was scared, I was annoyed, I felt ready, but deep down I was seriously angry at the weather.
With all of this said I am strong believer that our minds rule our bodies, and being a local Portland-er I was not about to let a little rain get between me and my 4:20 goal. Here is my story, the brief version:

1. Stand at the start line with: gloves, hat, jacket, running Capri’s and a poncho/hat, repeating positive words to myself. Also wearing soggy socks and shoes, a fully charged garmin and Ipod.
2. Mile 4. Still wet. First upset. Ipod dies from rain exposure. Panic sets it. I have never ran more than 6 miles without music. Call husband from a pedestrian phone to bring back up ipod, and meet me at the half way point. Feeling relieved I trudge on. Hey I knew I could do a 1/2 marathon in the rain right?
3. Half way point=no husband. Borrow another phone to call, he is stuck in traffic. Hope of music is gone. Spirits crushed. Negative thoughts settle on me like the weather, which has never let up. The rain pours on, and on, and on.
4. Mile 17ish on the bridge, blisters from the rain start on my thighs and feet. I’m realize I’m loosing a toenail when I see the blood on my right shoe.
5. Mile 21. The location where a friend was supposed to meet me to run me in. No one is there. I am completely alone, not even Madonna to comfort me through my head phones. The rain pours on. Then at mile 23 the friend finds me. Huge relief, thanks Nicole- I would not have made it with out you. Friend rescues me from my black hole and runs me to mile 25. The brightest spot in my race. :)
6. Mile 26. Realize I have skipped water too many times, and had way too much sports drink, I start to feel very light headed.
7. I cross the finish line at 4:39 something, look over hear my husband and then according to the medics pass out. I Wake up to people trying to put me in a wheel chair. Super embarrassing to say the least. Spent 3 min. in the recovery tent, and then went on my way, announcing that I was perfectly fine, but grateful for their help.

So there it is, I fainted or something like that at the finish line. Yeah my forth marathon and I dropped at the end. :) Lets just say I am still annoyed about the whole race every time I think about it. It was a dark day in my journey of running. Thank goodness I realize why, it wasn't the rain, or the lack of IPOD, or even lack of water. It was my mind. Our minds are our most powerful tools. My mind went to a negative place and my body followed. This was a valuable lesson for me, and I know that in the future I will not let my thoughts override my physical abilities.

I made it. I’m okay. I still love running, but I must say- I DO NOT LOVE RUNNING IN THE RAIN! And for that matter, my toes and also my music would prefer dry conditions as well. The only thing to do now.......................................................................................:) Yip, you got it. Run another marathon to replace the memory of the last. You might say I'm addicted, you might.

Here are 2 of my

biggest fans , thanks for jumping the fence and rescuing me babe. :)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I can do it.
I can run 26.2 miles in a soggy rain storm.
Bring it.
I have faced worse than this in my life and came out stronger on the other side.
I have my bodyglide.
Rain Slicker.
Running Garmin.
I am mentally prepared for this race.
I am strong.
I am ready.
I am a finisher.
I am shooting for a 4:20 finish, 15 minutes faster than my last marathon.
But most importantly I am shooting to cross the finish line.
Good Luck to all of the amazing people brave enough to finish the race.
10.10.10 here we come.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Spring Water Nightmare

I love Spring Water Trail.
Its one of the things that I will miss about Portland when we move next year.
The SP Trail is an amazing 40 mile loop, with over 21 miles of paved trail taking you all the way
from Gresham right up to Waterfront and beyond in downtown Portland.
Today SP was not my friend.
Here's my story.
Convince Husband and son to join me, and stroll the Gresham Saturday market while I run in the surprisingly sunny weather, a little too sunny-but beautiful none the less.
Drop off water 7 miles up the trail.
Goal run: 14 miles.
(I really wish I was one of those people who cld run with adorable mini water
bottles strapped to my waist-maybe someday.
I think the friction wld drive me insane, running w.
a garmin was bad enough to get used to).
Drive back to the Main Street Park, start a mini panic attack realizing
a. its allready 12:30 and I barely ate any breakfast
b. Its much hotter than I anticipated, and no sun block was worn
c. 14 is far
I know that fear is such a run killer- so I try to block out negativity and dwell on happy thoughts.
(like my new awesome club mix downloaded on my ipod waiting for me to jam out)
Start running. Feeling Good. Mile 4. Trail Closed. For paving. WTFreak? Follow detour through cute neighborhoods, up to busy Powell Blvd. I hate running w. exhaust.
Run in the bike lane until mile 6.75. Follow the detour signs back to Trail.
Big Problem. The Garmin reads 7.5 and I am a 1/2 mile away from my water stash.
Not ideal.
Option: 1. go w. out water for 15 miles. Umm i think not
Option 2: Continue on another 1/2 mile, then loop back turning my grand total into....
16 miles not 14.
Option 2 was the only option.
Find Stash.
Water + Snack Bar=Awesome. Loop back.
At the Detour sign I see a nice man coming from behind the orange cones on his bike.
I think hmm...now there is a rule breaker, if he did it-then I can to darn it.
ME: "Hey is that trail runnable?"
Bike MAN: "Umm yeah, except for a tiny portion, its fine."
ME: Great, and I to dip under the orange caution tape and warning signs and take off.
Two miles click away, I pass other rule breakers and feel happy for my choice.
Not for long.
Around mile 12 I come to a break in the trail w. a through street.
My first hint sld have been the city wrk truck I saw parked there, and the fact that even the other rule breakers were veering off of the trail at this point.
I didn't get the hint.
On I went for at least a mile.
Then the trail got narrow.
No shoulder just thick prickly blackberry bushes lining semi fresh pavement.
And that's when I SAW IT.
A mini paving truck taking up the whole trail in front of me, w. a worker man looking at me like "Who is this idiot on the trail?"
I did the only logical thing I could think of, started clawing my way up the blackberry bushes.
A few bloody scratches later I made it to a ridge.
Hiking along, not running, annoyed, feeling stupid-
I scaled the ridge for .5 miles until finding a trail back down to SP. The pavement wasn't nearly as fresh at this point, but my shoes stuck a tiny bit.
I hit mile 14, still 2 miles from my car, and luckily found a public water fountain on the trail.
Blessing from above, I cld not have made it w. out it.
I was super happy at this point to have left the wet pavement
+blackberry bush climbing behind.
Mile 15.5, I can't believe I am running 26.2 in a month!
Made it back a little beat up and weary from my travels-
hips feeling over used and feet a little beat. BUT considering all of the obstacles I endured. PRETTY DARN GOOD.
16 miles, check and check. Done and Done. Ice bath, sort of.
Agreeing next time to listen to warning signs, most likely. :)
Unless another rule breaker leads me astray.
Happy Trails.
PS. I still love you Spring Water.

Monday, September 6, 2010

4 mile Labor Day

Today I am starting to feel a tiny bit of panic for my low milage.
Dang Ankle and its referral pain have set me back, but I am still going.
In reviewing other 10.10.10 training blogs I am reminded that my original training plan would have had my long runs near 20 miles right now. I just did my longest run since my 1/2 marathon in the spring, only 10 miles.
What does this all mean: INJURIES STINK. And there is no rushing recovery.
So since my left side is improving daily (minus that dang piriformis muscle) I upped my milage on my training. Instead of a 12 this Saturday I am going for a 14, then the next Sat. a 18 then a 20. Followed by a recovery 10 miler SAt. Then the race. SO SOON!
I know it will be tough, but I can do it, I feel that I must do it or pay the consequences on race day-which is my greatest fear.
As anyone who has ran a marathon knows, you would rather pay for it in training-
to avoid it on D-Day.
As for today's run- it was a fast pace 4 miles with my boys.
(I decreased today's milage in preparation for a longer run on Saturday).
I love Holiday's I get to run with my husband and our side kick Jack.
A great team indeed.
Happy Labor Day.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Purple Hands

I ran 10 miles this morning down a trail loaded with Wild Black berries.
At mile 6 I treated myself to several handfuls, and felt instantly hydrated.

Somewhere at this point my husband
and son were gorging themselves with a bounty
of blackberries as well- hence the reason they agree to go on my long runs in the Fall.

We had a great morning,
WITH purple hands to prove it.

AFTER mile 6 when I got tired of running, I started dreaming
of Blackberry pie, and telling myself I could have some, someday if I kept going. :)

It was an enjoyable vision.

A great run, with a surprising treat along the way.
And my ankle even held up just fine.

Oh Saturday you are always the best day.

Friday, September 3, 2010

2 extra

(A view of one of the many bridges in the city I reside)

2 Extra 4 good measure today.

2 Extra "fast" miles were just what I needed to start out a great Friday.

2 Day will be a GREAT DAY

2 MORROW will be even better, because 2morrow is my day off! :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chiropractic Appointment Today

I love that my husband is going to become a chiropractor for many reasons, but the number one reason (at least for today) is that I am able to get FREE care at his school clinic.
Which is conventionally 2 blocks from my little home.
Today my back and sore SI are feeling much better thanks to the amazing guys at University of Western States!http://www.wschiro.edu
Chiropractic services can make a huge difference in your training.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

No IPOD???

Oh how I dislike speedwork. Bla! It is what I need though.
This mornings run brings to mind the quote

If running were meant to be easy it wouldn't be hard right?"

8:30 am. 5 miles speedwork. CHECK.
The first day of September is here, which to me screams,
Goodbye blessed summer
Hello wonderful FALL :)

Recap of the days events thus far:

1) Alarm clock goes off 5:00 am. I beg my husband to not go early to school and let me run at 7 instead of 5:30. He bargins, then agrees. I fall back asleep proud of my extra ZZZZ's.
2. Wake up get dressed, discover my IPOD is DEAD. UGH, consider taking the time to charge it, but the clock is ticking and time is wasting. I leave out the door nervous, because I don't remember the last time I ran more than one mile without my music.

3. Start running- Mile 3ish-"What is that noise- oh thats my breathing" it was honestly weird to hear my own breathing, and I didn't like it- the noise reminded me that I was tired.
*note to self* Do not run without an IPOD ever again!!!

4. A Portland sunrise looked like this- this morning,:) Gray and gray, but it still felt AMAZING, to be up, to be running, and to be sticking to my goals. And the leaves weren't as colorful as this picture, but it was exciting to see a few red and oranges ones just starting to change. :)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


This is my remaining training schedule for the Portland Marathon. Tonight I ran 5 miles, a little slower than usual due to the recovering sprained ankle, but I am feeling extremely optimistic about finishing this training schedule in time to run my race. Sadly though, I am still holding my breath, injuries- as I have learned have their own frustrating time lines.
I am happy to report that even though I ran my miles @ 8:00 at night, & was even harrassed w. vulgarities by some punk midde school boys at mile 4, the run was still completed for the most part, and I am well on my way to having a great running week! Happy miles everyone.

Mon: 5miles Wed: 5 miles w. speedwrk Sat: 10 miles

9/6-9/12 Mon: 7 miles. Wed: 7 miles w. speedwrk Sat: 12 miles

9/13-9/19 Mon: 4 miles Wed: 6 w. speedwrk Sat: 16 miles

9/20-9/26 Mon: 2 miles Wed: 7 w. speedwrk Sat: 18 miles

9/27-10/3 Mon: 2 Wed: 5 w. speedwrk Sat: 8 miles

10/4-10/10 MARATHON WEEK!! :) Mon: 3, Wed, 5,

PORTLAND MARATHON 10.10.10 Sat: 26.2!!!