2011 Milage Goal 1000 2011 Strength Goal 300 sessions

2011 goal 1000 Miles..

Jan: 63
Feb: 31
March: 79 :)
April...92 woo-hoo
May 75
June: 102!! sweet (+half 1/2 marathon)
July 84
August 114!!!! thanks to my new UT running buddy!!
Sept: 92
Oct: 70 (not my best month)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Egg Plant Parmesan

Have you had your egg plant lately? This was a recipe from the 17 day book and it turned out great. It also turns out Egg Plants are super healthy for you. They are low in fat and sodium and full of dietary fiber, vitamins C and B6 magnesium, phosphorous, and potassium. This was a great dish, even Lee was a fan. We like to do meatless Monday's around here, and a meatless Thursday doesn't hurt us either. Day 7 was a success.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 6

The diet is going pretty well, I am liking the losses I am seeing on the scale, and today I felt new energy which I hope is a product of all of the great vege's I have been trying. New recipes like Egg Plant Parmesan are a favorite now. The last day of my diet will be November 6th, and I am more than ready for it to be here.  
The slip..I had a moment of weakness and ate my fruit carb after 6:00 as well as had a cracker. Just one. But still I felt incredibly guilty. BUT...unlike times of old I did not throw in the towel and say well bring on the pizza then, I've ruined it now, instead I took a deep breath went and re-read my 17 day diet book. Re-committed to the plan, and plastered a sign on my fridge that read "YOU CHEAT" YOU DON'T LOOSE!!" This has done the trick. 
Cheating is such a funny thing isn't it. I mean who are we cheating? Ourselves our goal on the final day. 
Here are my new commitments for the rest of my 11 days.
1- read some of the 17 day diet book everyday
2-Blog about feeling, progress everyday
3-stop eating at 6:00 pm no matter what. Now I know this isn't a goal for everyone, but for me it really helps to set a time limit. It helps me get my meals in early and on time (no eating breakfast at 11:00) and it also gives me time in the evening to focus on family and forget about food, or the lack of. 
4. Get to bed at 9:30. This helps me feel refreshed at 5:30 am when I meet my running partner. :) 
Re-focus, renew, revive. I am feeling great. I know this plan, if followed to the letter will work, I am ready for change. 

Here is a picture of my babe and I at our church Halloween party, and don't worry I didn't eat one single candy! so proud. :) 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

17 Day Diet

I was inspired by a fellow blogger, to really get super serious about loosing the 10 pounds that I complain about on this blog. Or more perhaps. Its time to get serious. 17 Days. This plan in no joke. Is is written by a doctor, well researched, and so far as of day 2...its tough...(but not anything crazy...and you don't starve)  and it works.
Check it out here....


Here I am on day 2 with a  run down for the last two days. 

Thursday: bought the book. read through the first few chapters. 

Friday: DAY ONE:  Started the plan. At 6:00 I wanted a cracker/piece of bread so bad, I could have eaten my coffee table. Instead I loaded up on sugar free mints. This is a great trick to ease cravings, brushing your teeth works great too.

Saturday:  DAY TWO: Family visiting means crappy food brought into my house, and left open on the counter. Plan of attack. prepare, prepare, prepare. I prepared most of my meals in advance, knew exactly what time I would get them and what I would have. This left me feeling satisfied, not full but content. Yes the craving lingered, but I feel stronger mentally, knowing that pita chips do not rule me.

15 days left:  and I feel strong. I am so excited to see results. BUT, i realize i have a ways to go.

As for the exercise part, I didn't run as many miles this week, due to my running partner being out of town, and running a hard 1/2 marathon last Saturday I gave myself some slack. I still ran though, and did weights/kettle bells every day.

Next week:  I am back to my 5:30 am running, and hoping to throw in some evening runs to mix up my metabolism a bit.I will also strength train everyday (except Sunday)  for at least 30 minutes


such an important word for me. and here is why. Because I am worth it and so are you. Because I can do hard things. Because I want to be healthier and fitter. Because I have too many size 4's that are giving me a muffin top :(. Because I need to maintain healthy habits,  to become a healthy example for my kids, eating breakfast, stopping grazing, mindful eating, sitting down to eat all meals, not picking at food. Having meaningful conversation and enjoying "good" food.
 this is why.