2011 Milage Goal 1000 2011 Strength Goal 300 sessions

2011 goal 1000 Miles..

Jan: 63
Feb: 31
March: 79 :)
April...92 woo-hoo
May 75
June: 102!! sweet (+half 1/2 marathon)
July 84
August 114!!!! thanks to my new UT running buddy!!
Sept: 92
Oct: 70 (not my best month)

Friday, October 15, 2010

10.10.10 Portland Marathon Race Re-cap 2010

Today is Friday. I ran the Portland Marathon 19 days ago, and it his taken every minute in those 19 days to get to where I can think of the race with some sort of positive glow. Yes it was bad, yes it was that bad. Now to back up a little bit before I shed some negative light on my marathon experience I want to start out by stating a few mere facts about my relationship with running,.
  1. I love running a lot. In fact it is probably in my top 5 loves 4 sure.
  2. I cannot get through a week with out at least 2-3 runs good runs.
  3. I believe that running is healthy, productive, amazing, and creates driven individuals who are health conscience, alert, inspired, and overall happy .
  4. I believe that running is a lot better for my knees than sitting on the couch
  5. I detest gyms, and yearn to be outside with nature and free when I am exercising
  6. I plan on running in races at age 70, just to prove a point.
With all of that said, lets get to the real purpose of this post. The race report.
Prerace: I was able to meet the night before with some fellow (running) blogger's for a yummy dinner at the Macaroni Grill. It was super fun to meet some great ladies, and I'm grateful Harmony extended the invitation to join in. I was careful not to over due the carbs, and cause an upset stomach on race day, and ate just the right amount of my favorite "fettuccine Alfredo." YUM
Here is a photo of our little group:

The weather said "RAIN, RAIN AND MORE RAIN" predicted for the entire 26.2 miles. I was scared, I was annoyed, I felt ready, but deep down I was seriously angry at the weather.
With all of this said I am strong believer that our minds rule our bodies, and being a local Portland-er I was not about to let a little rain get between me and my 4:20 goal. Here is my story, the brief version:

1. Stand at the start line with: gloves, hat, jacket, running Capri’s and a poncho/hat, repeating positive words to myself. Also wearing soggy socks and shoes, a fully charged garmin and Ipod.
2. Mile 4. Still wet. First upset. Ipod dies from rain exposure. Panic sets it. I have never ran more than 6 miles without music. Call husband from a pedestrian phone to bring back up ipod, and meet me at the half way point. Feeling relieved I trudge on. Hey I knew I could do a 1/2 marathon in the rain right?
3. Half way point=no husband. Borrow another phone to call, he is stuck in traffic. Hope of music is gone. Spirits crushed. Negative thoughts settle on me like the weather, which has never let up. The rain pours on, and on, and on.
4. Mile 17ish on the bridge, blisters from the rain start on my thighs and feet. I’m realize I’m loosing a toenail when I see the blood on my right shoe.
5. Mile 21. The location where a friend was supposed to meet me to run me in. No one is there. I am completely alone, not even Madonna to comfort me through my head phones. The rain pours on. Then at mile 23 the friend finds me. Huge relief, thanks Nicole- I would not have made it with out you. Friend rescues me from my black hole and runs me to mile 25. The brightest spot in my race. :)
6. Mile 26. Realize I have skipped water too many times, and had way too much sports drink, I start to feel very light headed.
7. I cross the finish line at 4:39 something, look over hear my husband and then according to the medics pass out. I Wake up to people trying to put me in a wheel chair. Super embarrassing to say the least. Spent 3 min. in the recovery tent, and then went on my way, announcing that I was perfectly fine, but grateful for their help.

So there it is, I fainted or something like that at the finish line. Yeah my forth marathon and I dropped at the end. :) Lets just say I am still annoyed about the whole race every time I think about it. It was a dark day in my journey of running. Thank goodness I realize why, it wasn't the rain, or the lack of IPOD, or even lack of water. It was my mind. Our minds are our most powerful tools. My mind went to a negative place and my body followed. This was a valuable lesson for me, and I know that in the future I will not let my thoughts override my physical abilities.

I made it. I’m okay. I still love running, but I must say- I DO NOT LOVE RUNNING IN THE RAIN! And for that matter, my toes and also my music would prefer dry conditions as well. The only thing to do now.......................................................................................:) Yip, you got it. Run another marathon to replace the memory of the last. You might say I'm addicted, you might.

Here are 2 of my

biggest fans , thanks for jumping the fence and rescuing me babe. :)