2011 Milage Goal 1000 2011 Strength Goal 300 sessions

2011 goal 1000 Miles..

Jan: 63
Feb: 31
March: 79 :)
April...92 woo-hoo
May 75
June: 102!! sweet (+half 1/2 marathon)
July 84
August 114!!!! thanks to my new UT running buddy!!
Sept: 92
Oct: 70 (not my best month)

Saturday, December 31, 2011

992!!!!!!!!!!!! what the??

What. I ran 992 miles in the year 2011???
What the heck...(yes I must be from Utah right )? 

 This comes at a shock, for some reason when looking at my daily mile tab at the beginning of this month,  I neglected to see that it was including December 2010 in my 2011 total miles.
This led me to have a so-so running month logging in 105- but had I only know I would be short a measly 8 miles I would have got the job done.
Hence it was not be, I did not realize this mistake until this New Years Eve, when I went to proudly post my 1000 miles plus victory over the year, nearly 1100- I thought.............. well over my goal.

Not the case my friends.

I'm funny about numbers, had I known- I could have never stood for it- mentally I would have HAD to reach 1000 to stay sane. But thus, alas, unfortunately I am left with 992.  A number still to be proud of, but geeze stuff like that bugs me.
Good bye 2011- lets hope in 2012 I can at least do my math right.
What did you run this year? 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

17 days and beyond

The 17 day diet works. If you can follow it 100%, it works really well. I have done the first cycle and then half of the 2nd cycle, started the first again, got super sick, and then took a break. Starting the first cycle again tomorrow, yes on Turkey Day I. don't care that it is the biggest eating day of the year. I need to start tomorrow to prove to myself that its still just food whether it is Feb. 3rd or Thanksgiving Day. It is still just a day, and I will still give myself 3 good meals, and the next day when I wake up I will get 3 more meals plus some healthy snacks. Its just food..
Its funny how when we are on a diet suddenly it feels as if we will never get that Oreo again if we do not grab it right then, well the Oreo will always be there tomorrow, the next day, 5 years from now, double stuffed even. We teach our bodies what to expect, and what to crave.
Take for example my friend, who happens to be a super healthy runner/vegan. She continually amazes me with her creative vegan dishes, which she honestly craves, and you would to if you saw how great they were. Now I'm not ready to give up my chicken, but we are creatures of our habits. Our habits become our reality and our reality defines us, but we can change our habits and thus create and define our own reality, and our families. ANY. TIME. WE. WANT. I believe this.

Friday, November 11, 2011

SoJo Half Race Recap

Here is the race recap for the South Jordan half which Hillary and I ran in October. We both wanted to at least do under a two hour mark (9:07) pace. After our training together since July (and both of us running before that) , we felt like it was  an achievable goal. I met Hillary the first week of church, I said  do you run, she said yes and the next morning we met at 6:00. Since then Hillary has been out running every morning at 5:30 (rain, snow or shine) , and I'm about a 80 percent show up rate, usually missing one day a week. I am so grateful for a great running partner. She is a therapist, friend, confidant, and we live on the same street. Yes I am blessed. So here is the race recap from my perspective.....

  • Wake up 4:30, give myself a good hour before leaving for the all the unmentionables, 
  • My husband dropped us off at the bus, and we had zero wait time, just the ride to the start, that was nice. 
  • Once we got to the start line we had a little bit of time to wait, there were heaters so that was helpful, 
  • Porta Potties were visited twice, but that still wasnt enough to clear out my apple cider (at mile 5) 
  • The race started and we began a little fast around an 8:30 pace, this is so typical of me, have a fast first half of the race, and bomb in the end. I really wanted a negative split so we slowed down and tried to conserve. 
  • I felt great, then at mile 5 or so I knew I had to use the bathroom. Now this wasn't a forested race, we ran entirely in an urban area, so it was Porta Potty or bust. 
  • It was so sad to watch Hillary fade in the distance as I waited in line, loosing almost two minutes- truly heart crushing. 
  • After this I was determined to catch my friend, I did two miles at an 8:20 pace, until I hit an uphill stretch at mile 7 or so, that's when I spotted her " back" ahead. 
  • It felt great to reach her, or at least the sight of her (she never knew I was there) because at that point I fell back to a 9:15 trying to recover from the extra exertion to catch Hillary (dang potty break). 
  • Mile 8 or so was a hard mile and then we started down a straight away (which I love) and a gradual down hill ++, so I was a happy girl.
  • Really the rest of the race was a breeze until I hit mile 10.5 or so. I don't know what it is, but I have such a hard time keeping speedway on switchback trails (aka I can't see more than a hundred feet in front of me) Mile 10 was ugly almost a 10 minute pace
  • This is what happened, we went straight into the wind on switchback golf course, zero visibility trail. I have such a hard time with this 
  • The Garmin read almost 12, but for some reason I couldn't find my last mile sprint anywhere, since I couldn't see anything. 
  • Frustrating, how my running is so mental sometimes
  • I had planned on sprinting the last mile at a 7:30 pace. 
  • I finally rounded the corner and could see the finish line with a half mile left. I found a little kick and went for it, 
  • 10 feet from the finish line my Mom let my son run to me (so sad I was trying to get under 2 hours and he just wanted Mommy to pack him across the finish line) 
  • Needless to say we weren't on the same page and had a slight crash (ie, heartbroken son gets left in my dust)
  • I crossed at exactly 2 hours. And turned around to see my son running arms stretched behind me. Cutest and saddest thing ever.
Now I realize that this time is slow for my fast friends, but this slow runner is getting faster, and that's all that matters to me. I really want to do a half at 1:45. Great Goal for Me. 

My friend finished around 1:51 something I think, she did awesome, and I loved loved running with her. 

My Mom and son who I mentioned were at the finish line (Lee was excused since we had an emergency car issue) I appreciate all my family who put up with my training and love me through my races. 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Egg Plant Parmesan

Have you had your egg plant lately? This was a recipe from the 17 day book and it turned out great. It also turns out Egg Plants are super healthy for you. They are low in fat and sodium and full of dietary fiber, vitamins C and B6 magnesium, phosphorous, and potassium. This was a great dish, even Lee was a fan. We like to do meatless Monday's around here, and a meatless Thursday doesn't hurt us either. Day 7 was a success.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 6

The diet is going pretty well, I am liking the losses I am seeing on the scale, and today I felt new energy which I hope is a product of all of the great vege's I have been trying. New recipes like Egg Plant Parmesan are a favorite now. The last day of my diet will be November 6th, and I am more than ready for it to be here.  
The slip..I had a moment of weakness and ate my fruit carb after 6:00 as well as had a cracker. Just one. But still I felt incredibly guilty. BUT...unlike times of old I did not throw in the towel and say well bring on the pizza then, I've ruined it now, instead I took a deep breath went and re-read my 17 day diet book. Re-committed to the plan, and plastered a sign on my fridge that read "YOU CHEAT" YOU DON'T LOOSE!!" This has done the trick. 
Cheating is such a funny thing isn't it. I mean who are we cheating? Ourselves our goal on the final day. 
Here are my new commitments for the rest of my 11 days.
1- read some of the 17 day diet book everyday
2-Blog about feeling, progress everyday
3-stop eating at 6:00 pm no matter what. Now I know this isn't a goal for everyone, but for me it really helps to set a time limit. It helps me get my meals in early and on time (no eating breakfast at 11:00) and it also gives me time in the evening to focus on family and forget about food, or the lack of. 
4. Get to bed at 9:30. This helps me feel refreshed at 5:30 am when I meet my running partner. :) 
Re-focus, renew, revive. I am feeling great. I know this plan, if followed to the letter will work, I am ready for change. 

Here is a picture of my babe and I at our church Halloween party, and don't worry I didn't eat one single candy! so proud. :) 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

17 Day Diet

I was inspired by a fellow blogger, to really get super serious about loosing the 10 pounds that I complain about on this blog. Or more perhaps. Its time to get serious. 17 Days. This plan in no joke. Is is written by a doctor, well researched, and so far as of day 2...its tough...(but not anything crazy...and you don't starve)  and it works.
Check it out here....


Here I am on day 2 with a  run down for the last two days. 

Thursday: bought the book. read through the first few chapters. 

Friday: DAY ONE:  Started the plan. At 6:00 I wanted a cracker/piece of bread so bad, I could have eaten my coffee table. Instead I loaded up on sugar free mints. This is a great trick to ease cravings, brushing your teeth works great too.

Saturday:  DAY TWO: Family visiting means crappy food brought into my house, and left open on the counter. Plan of attack. prepare, prepare, prepare. I prepared most of my meals in advance, knew exactly what time I would get them and what I would have. This left me feeling satisfied, not full but content. Yes the craving lingered, but I feel stronger mentally, knowing that pita chips do not rule me.

15 days left:  and I feel strong. I am so excited to see results. BUT, i realize i have a ways to go.

As for the exercise part, I didn't run as many miles this week, due to my running partner being out of town, and running a hard 1/2 marathon last Saturday I gave myself some slack. I still ran though, and did weights/kettle bells every day.

Next week:  I am back to my 5:30 am running, and hoping to throw in some evening runs to mix up my metabolism a bit.I will also strength train everyday (except Sunday)  for at least 30 minutes


such an important word for me. and here is why. Because I am worth it and so are you. Because I can do hard things. Because I want to be healthier and fitter. Because I have too many size 4's that are giving me a muffin top :(. Because I need to maintain healthy habits,  to become a healthy example for my kids, eating breakfast, stopping grazing, mindful eating, sitting down to eat all meals, not picking at food. Having meaningful conversation and enjoying "good" food.
 this is why. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Support Crew

This run was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, I was able to meet a great friend at mile 18 of the Top Of Utah Marathon. I thought I would just run a few miles with her, but she asked me to stay until mile 25 so I agreed. I felt so honored to run as a supporter around individuals on their last leg of an incredible journey. There were times I felt a little unworthy as people told me how strong I looked for running 20+ miles, though overall it felt so motivating to motivate a friend in a time of need. She got sick at the end, and has told me since that she couldn't have kept the pace without me. If any of you haven't helped pace a friend in a big race, or offered some other form of support, I highly recommend it.
This is a TOU picture from a few years ago, but u can see the beautiful hints of Fall.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hike Day :)

This has been a crazy weekend around my house. My husband has been taking part II and III of the National Chiropractic Boards. Very hectic. So today after round II of the Boards ended, I was completely shocked when he said "Lets go on a hike."
Now I had planned on sneaking in a run when he walked in the door....but since I am not on any strict training schedule right now, I decided a hike with the family would replace it for today.

I was so excited, I love hiking with my boys. It is so important to me to have an active family, and teach my son proper exercise habits. It was a nearly perfect Saturday. Thank-you to my awesome hubby for fitting this in on a crazy weekend. Yes he still has more Board tests tomorrow...what a trooper!
We hiked about a 4.5 mile round trip hike, just enough. Below the husband and Mr. Jack with the best seat in the house.
I stopped for a yoga pose. :)

Yes, it was this beautiful and refreshing! awww....just take it in.
See that little speck, my boys going under the Falls.
Upper Horse Tail, one of our favorite hikes.

Friday, March 4, 2011

She is Brutal

Okay this lady rocks my world. For the last 5 months i have been doing the original SHRED video, which I loved. But a friend of mine who just so happens to be a personal trainer mentioned that my body was most likely getting used to the same workout, therefore not getting the best results. So I decided to unwrap my six pack ab jillian video thinking...oh just a couple of situps this one will be a CAKEWALK..........wrong. I dare you, order this and try level 2. DO IT. :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm back.........

February is over, Happy Day, oh Happy Day. I have never been so happy to put a month behind me. Between my extended families health scares, a death of a close friend, a sick husband/baby for 1/2 of the month, and soggy-gray-blah Portland weather............I am DONE with this month. Good bye.

Hello March. :) XO. It is so nice to see you again. You have always been a great month, filled with blossoms, new life and a hint of Spring. Oh and lets not forget all of those great college Spring Break Trips to Vegas and Mexico. Hello old friend, its been too long.

PS. I am expecting great things from you, as usual I know you wont let me down.
THINK SPRING.....think spring...think spring...

Me and the husband...........riding the magical Polar Express over the Holidays....Isn't he handsome? Yes I know, I am 1 lucky girl.