2011 Milage Goal 1000 2011 Strength Goal 300 sessions

2011 goal 1000 Miles..

Jan: 63
Feb: 31
March: 79 :)
April...92 woo-hoo
May 75
June: 102!! sweet (+half 1/2 marathon)
July 84
August 114!!!! thanks to my new UT running buddy!!
Sept: 92
Oct: 70 (not my best month)

Saturday, December 31, 2011

992!!!!!!!!!!!! what the??

What. I ran 992 miles in the year 2011???
What the heck...(yes I must be from Utah right )? 

 This comes at a shock, for some reason when looking at my daily mile tab at the beginning of this month,  I neglected to see that it was including December 2010 in my 2011 total miles.
This led me to have a so-so running month logging in 105- but had I only know I would be short a measly 8 miles I would have got the job done.
Hence it was not be, I did not realize this mistake until this New Years Eve, when I went to proudly post my 1000 miles plus victory over the year, nearly 1100- I thought.............. well over my goal.

Not the case my friends.

I'm funny about numbers, had I known- I could have never stood for it- mentally I would have HAD to reach 1000 to stay sane. But thus, alas, unfortunately I am left with 992.  A number still to be proud of, but geeze stuff like that bugs me.
Good bye 2011- lets hope in 2012 I can at least do my math right.
What did you run this year?